{Sat, 10 February, 2007}   Acronymology. (I just made that up.)

Previously seen on my other blog… I wrote of the sexual practice of ass-to-mouth, by which I mean, the performance of anal sodomy, followed by the removal of any rectal debris of the penetrated via the tongue of same (to wit: oral sodomy), at Why, Kiki! Therein, I posited that ATM should be known hence as “Alterran relations”.

 Now, in the spirit of Turkish idol Lee Corso, I spell it out for you.

 A stands for Anal.

L stands for Love.

T stands for Tease.

E stands for Ecstacy.

R stands for Rimming.

R stands for Ramming.

A … that also stands for Anal.

 Learn it. Memorize it. Practice it. Your ladies will love you for it… Though, they may still leave you, if they find another practicioner who also happens to enjoy AD&D 3rd Edition. (I still can’t believe that exists, by the way. I would have figured twenty-sided dice would have gone the way of Magic: the Gathering & pogs, as relics of pre-willenial basement games for pimpled teenagers.)


Tim says:

Stew- did you learn this from the 16 year old kid in RO?

What, the Lee Corso single?

No, of course not. Much too graphic for teenage ears… Save a coupla of, well… I won’t get into the girls of Romania. Not on a public forum.

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