{Mon, 22 January, 2007}   Stea Romana

Academy nominations… Considering the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences shall release the five nominees for most categories, tomorrow; further, that I am become a bit of the film buff — I offer my endorsement, in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

 Oana Pellea.

 Hers is a name not even I had heard, before Children of Men, but after seeing her as “Marica” (don’t believe the credits & the spelling of her name therein), the guide in Bexhill for Theo & surrogate mother for Key & Dylan, I realized that Pellea exemplified supportive acting this year. Hers was a crucial role, even moreso than the other “Mary of Galilee” figure in the film, the maternity nurse, as Marica was the woman who saw the mother & her escort to the buoy at which the Tomorrow would pluck them from the sea.

From Marica’s aid in dispatching with Sid, striking him about the trunk with a club, to housing Key & Theo in the Romanian Quarter in the refugee camp, to staying close when Theo had to go to the abandoned hospital to regain Key & child from the Fishes, she was the beacon that we saw manifest when K & T met her.

For these reasons, then, Oana Pellea should be 2007’s Best Supporting Actress.

Other endorsements:

Best Picture: Children of Men.

Best Director: Marc Foster (Stranger than Fiction).

Best Actress: Emma Thompson (Stranger than Fiction)

Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)

Best Supporting Actor: Dustin Hoffman (Stranger than Fiction)


dan3 says:

Agree!She is amazing!Well it was not this time..that’s life!Will be one day!i m sure of it!And Cildren of men it s an amazing movie!

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